About me

Hello! So here you are, reading my blog. I hope you like it. 🙂 If not click to something else, I don’t mind. I will never know. 😉

One of my fb friends inspired me to start this blog as I seem to know a lot about finger foods for weaning. So I aim to put down a little of what I know on that subject, and more here.  I am no expert on anything, but hopefully some of my knowledge will be helpful, or at least give you some ideas, or maybe relieve a little bit of boredom, or inspire you.

Most of what I know, I have experienced, and a lot I have read. If I have time, I will insert links, but some things, I have no ideas “how” I know them, but they make sense in my mind.

About me. Well I am older than I want to be, and live in a country I don’t like. But needs must. I have 3 kids; K 14, T 11 and Little B, 6 months, and a very crazy dog. My lovely bf lives and works in another country, so for the most part I am with them alone. So let’s get going, and for my first post, I will give some ideas of foods for blw or baby led weaning to those who are not in the know 😉

We found out quite early on that Little B. is cmpa. I have discovered ‘en route’ that she has bad reactions to other foods too. So weaning has been a bit more of a challenge than for my older kids. I cross my fingers that she will grow out of these intolerances, but as I write this, it is unknown. When I use the term “milk” in my blog, it is either breast milk, or koko milk that I use, as her worst reaction is to dairy. Other things we are wary of, are soya, eggs, nuts, aubergines. I am in the process of working out how she reacts to peas, beans, and tomatoes. Many of the things I talk about can use dairy substitutes and/or can have cheese or other yummies added.

If you would like to contact me, there is a form at the bottom of this page.

Hope you find this useful.  Happy reading 🙂


Oh, and if any of my ideas, comments writings or musings come from you, or somewhere else. Please let me know and I will happily credit the original source.

The photos on this blog are mine, and not for sharing, or use in any other manner.

Little B and me.


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