Omelette/Ice “cream” lolly

I went back to work at the beginning of May. It was almost impossible for me to have any energy with the small amount of foods I was eating, so I did an egg trial. We started by my eating a small piece of cake. There was no reaction. We then tried Little B. with a small piece of cake. Still no reaction. I ate an egg. (Let me tell you how delicious it was, after 6 months of eating very little). Again, no reaction. Little B. then had her first taste of scrambled egg, and it was all good. Hooray – we can eat eggs again!


Little B. is a big fan of mushrooms. She eats them raw, or cooked, or mushroom melts, or as pasta sauce, just about anyway that you can think of. She loves them. So for our omelette I started with a little chopped garlic, finely chopped mushrooms, and a little finely chopped courgette.

A one egg omelette is usually quite thin, even in the smallest pan, so I had a route around and found some round biscuit cutters.

I mixed the egg with a dash of koko in a cup. After lightly frying the veg, I mixed them in the cup with the egg mixture. I then poured the mixture into the biscuit cutter that was sitting in the frying pan!

Cook on a low heat, and if necessary grill for a minute to firm up the top. This was an instant hit. The omelette is soft enough for gums to chomp on and break up and as the veggies were cut very small they are not a choking hazard.

One egg omelette :)

One egg omelette šŸ™‚


Ice “cream” lolly

It had been pretty warm in Brussels at the end of June, and Little B’s big bro and sis were devouring ice creams regularly. Why should Little B miss out, just because she can’t have dairy?

We had some blackcurrant that were ripe in the garden, so they were picked and topped and tailed and washed. I put them in the blender with the thick coconut milk – the kind that is solid at the top and runny below. I put the mixture into lolly moulds and hoped for the best!

Delish! These are a lot more tasty than regular ice lollies. I tried next with watermelon (blitzed in the blender and then sieved), mixed with coconut milk and then frozen. Again delicious.

Delish -Blackcurrant and coconut creamy "lolly".

Delish -Blackcurrant and coconut creamy “lolly”.



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